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GIF2WPF3D - Free 3-D Stereoscopic Image Viewer - 3D virtual reality image viewer w/ slideshow capabilities - [♥][♦][♣][♠]

Stereoscopic (3-D) GIF playback within GIF2WPF3D
Here is a low-res 3-D GIF in action using GIF2WPF3D! Notice the slight depth layer extracted through stereoscopic frame comparison.

Stereoscopic (3-D) GIF playback within GIF2WPF3D
GIF2WPF3D v1.9.8.5. Watch and slideshow 3DGIFs/GIFs in a virtual 3-D environment. Download Here!

Do you want to experience virtual reality but don't have the equipment? With this program, you can get deep into a set of images from within a volume of 3-D space and animated on every surface area. View a collection of images or animations in Stereoscopic 3-D with built-in rendering on your computer. Simply left-click & right-click simultaneously on the image, and the program renders the Stereoscopic conversion. Enjoy a 3-D virtual 360 degree panoramic view of your favorite image multimedia with the ability to approach and distort the room environment altogether. You can also quickly select a different image of your choice or begin a five second slideshow. This program supports 3-D animated GIFs just as much as regular GIFs. To activate the 3-D GIF viewing mode, press Control and Insert in sequence, and to begin the screensaver mode, press Spacebar and Enter in sequence.

The registered version of this program removes the 10 minute trial limitation, allows the user to open any specific image file, includes a custom theater mode, and also allows distortion of the environment with three additional mouse wheel modes (Position, Skew, & Grow). It is only $19.99 to purchase a license key and register your copy of this software.

GIF2WPF3D Lifetime License

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List of Controls:
F1 : About
F2 : Open any image file (Blocked for demo)
F3 : Change view folder
W : Rotate camera up (Blocked for demo)
S : Rotate camera down (Blocked for demo)
A : Rotate camera left (Blocked for demo)
D : Rotate camera right (Blocked for demo)
Up : Move closer (Blocked for demo)
Down : Move away (Blocked for demo)
Left : Next image
Right : Previous image
Backspace : Select a random image
Control : Switch between view modes
Enter : Begin/End slideshow
Space : Go into full screen
Shift : Play random frames
Insert : Render frames as Stereoscopic images
P : Start/Stop animation playback
/ : Select random animation frame
0 : Custom Theater projection (Blocked for demo)
\ : Room customization function (Blocked for demo)
Tab : Switch mouse wheel mode (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 1 : Skew left (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 2 : Shrink (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 3 : Skew right (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 4 : Stretch left (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 5 : Set square layout (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 6 : Stretch right (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 7 : Skew left (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 8 : Grow (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 9 : Skew right (Blocked for demo)
Number Pad 0 : Change perspective (Blocked for demo)

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