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GIF2WPF360 - A Spherical GIF 360° viewer w/ slideshow capabilities - ʕಠಿᴥಠʔ

Spherical GIF 360° Viewer
GIF2WPF360 v1.1. Enjoy your favorite GIFs from within a hollow sphere! Download Here!

Enjoy a concave lens perspective on your favorite GIFs from within a hollow sphere where you are only allowed to rotate a fixed camera at the center. You can also quickly select a different GIF of your choice or begin a five second slideshow.

The 32-bit version of this program is Freeware!

#360View #HollowSphere #GIFViewer #Slideshow

List of Controls:
F1 : About
Up : Zoom in
Down : Zoom out
Left : Previous image
Right : Next image
Backspace : Select random image
Enter : Begin/End slideshow
Space : Go into full screen
Tab : Change view folder

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