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Custom Media Player - Brand, personalize, & share your own media player for image/video/audio with multiple windows - (ಠಿ(ಠಿ_(ʘ̅͜ʘ̅)_ಠ)ಠ)

Brandable image/video/audio multiple window viewer - Custom Media Player
Custom Media Player v3.6.4.8. Free portable brandable image/video/audio multiple window media player. Download Here!

Wish to own your very own personal little media player? Do you want to market a digital collection of multimedia with a brandable media player that represents your work? Look no further! Place any title & icon on, and share this portable multimedia multi-viewer branded for any special event, organization, or media product line. Have your very own personal media player embedded with a secure tag of your choice or permanently brand a copy of this media player to sell to others and to register individual users. Note: Only the full version supports branding and marketing. The CMP program is a free standalone media player that supports image, audio, and video playback in one or multiple window screens. With it you can load an M3U playlist file or stream online video from a playlist. The full version also features a built-in web browser for seamless website/local browsing integration and a PDF document reader module.

This media player is intended to be brandable, repackageable, & re-sellable. This means that if your branding customizations of the Custom Media Player are authentic, the media player is also yours to license to others and the third-party affiliate earnings are yours. It's that simple!

You can change the currently branded title by pressing the F7 key only in versions of Custom Media Player that have been registered with a Lifetime license key. If you purchase a Universal license key, you may distribute a copy of Custom Media Player only if you decide to share your uniquely branded media player with other users by activating your customers with original per person Lifetime keys at anytime. Activation for third-party customers includes unlimited player display windows, a web browser and file explorer plug-in, a PDF document viewer, and the ability to edit or save M3U playlists. Third-party rebranding is not supported, and your customers get to keep their owner-branded product. This includes whatever title, about screen, background image, and icon you decide to place on Custom Media Player with a Universal license key. Lifetime license keys unlock all of the program's extra features but the branding and customization is for personal use only.

Lifetime License

Universal License

(Package includes 1 key - one lifetime activated branding license key which unlocks all of the extra program features and includes unlimited branding and rebranding capabilities for personal use only.) (Package includes 2 keys - one unlimited-use branding license key to create your custom branding and one unlimited-use multiple-user universal branding license key for distributing the media player with a custom title, icon, background image, about screen, and an optionally embedded website link. Additional users will have to purchase a Lifetime license key to unlock all the extra features.)

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